Canine First Aid

Unlike other pets, dogs travel with us pretty much everywhere we go. Incidents away from home such as walking in the countryside and road traffic injuries may need immediate action prior to getting to the vet

  • Fills the gap between what happens and getting to the vet.
  • The vet ‘ambulance’ doesn’t come to you.
  • This course also gives guidance about when to go to a vet if unsure.
  • Meets requirements of Animal Welfare Act (Rights for Dogs)

Part 1  Know your dog. Weekly health checks scene safety, managing the incident checking vital signs, CPR. Drowning choking, restraints  and carries First Aid kits

Part 2 Bandaging practice, injury management, common illness and medical problems, burns, poisons, bites and stings, heat and cold. Dog bites on humans4

This course is in no way, or intended to be, a substitute for professional veterinary care. Always seek professional help in the event of an injury or illness to your pet.


Short evening courses Part 1 or 2 £25 pp.

2 evenings booked together 6 Hours £45 pp (Booked separately £50 pp)

Full day course  of 6+ hours £55 pp

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